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Some places we've been

Bright Night 2010

31 December 2010 into 1 January 2011
Father Time (Ben) and Mr. Tiki Man (Casey) get ready to join the evenings festivities with the Banished Fools Emma gives a grin whilst the others tune FWF at the First Baptist Chuch, Providence, RI FWF Concentration... 64... category is... who can play the accordian? FWF

Courthouse Center For The Arts

A Celtic Christmas
11-12 December 2010
All dressed up and ready to go! FWF

Golden Age Air Museum

Golden Age "Flying Circus" Air Show
21 August 2010
Emma Ben & Green Jeanne Casey & Baby Ben & Mike The Hanger In Which We Played 'Curse you, Red Baron!' Look! No hands! Playing in the hangar!

Maine Mini-Tour

Skye Theater/North New Portland
11-13 July 2010
Mike tunes On stage The view from Skye Theater More mountains A sign of things to come No light pollution in East Dixfield

Connolly's Klub 45

18 September 2009
Times Square Dad at the gate Fishing With Finnegan Fishing With Finnegan Fishing With Finnegan The front door West 45th Jane Katie and pals A real New York Roach Times Square

Java Madness

14 June 2009

Eco Fest 2009

30 May 2009
Fishing With Finnegan Max Man does The Loper Dance Some dancing people An audience member Some more

Providence St. Patrick's Day Parade

21 March 2009
A right dandy hat Preparing for Ludicrous Speed The Honor Guard The boss (complete with firing squad) Casey tunes up Emma sports stylin' shades A pirate, perched eerily on a wall and holding a human skull Rolling along Voted best-dressed man in The Renaissance City Looking down the route Never seen these girls in my life. State House, range .6 miles All the people who came out just to see us Banner The Review Stand

Lexington PD Dinner

7 March
Darren & Iain conspire Bob Ray & Cindy Gelinas living it up! Rich says HERE'S TO YOU LEXINGTON!! FINE GIRLS YOU ARE!!


9 November, 2008
Towards the middle of the night, Darren joins in for a couple of songs with FWF! And then Mike and Ben join in with Garda! The sounds of Garda being heard late into the night Father/daughter duet; Luigi & Gerry Soon it becomes a mix of musicians jumping in and out and having some good on the spot fun Eventually leading up to a grand finale!


12 October, 2008
Emma belts out a song Back at O'Rourke's! Must. Rock.


10 August, 2008
Mike is guest fiddling with Garda Last little bits to set up before getting ready to go on! Fishing With Finnegan at O'Rourke's! Darren of Garda joins FWF for a few tunes!

Java Madness

18 July, 2008
Ben puts Gretchen in her designated spot While Casey untangles cords Lovely view of the Marina! Fishing With Finnegan at Java Madness!

Live Culture Coffeehouse

16 May, 2008
Another lovely night at the Coffeehouse! Ben's concentration face Some of the folks are brave enough to get up and dance! Woot! Mike belts out a fiddle tune

Free Cone Day

Ben & Jerry's

29 April, 2008
Fishing With Finnegan at Free Cone Day Free Cone Day The line for free ice cream Casey makes a face

Providence St. Patrick's Day Parade...

29 March, 2008
Tuning up in the staging area The Ryanmobile, dressed to the teeth St. Patrick's Day Parade, Providence Overflow from Patrick's pub At the State House Casey makes a face What happens when the wind is always at your back The review stand

...and the aftermath.

Patrick's Pub
Fishing With Finnegan To life, liberty and the uninterrupted flow of the foamy goodness The aftermath Aaron, Jaime and Soupmaster chill out The man himself

St. Patrick's Day at Shamrocks!

17 March, 2008
Emma and Aoife, pre-show Tuning up The band with Vic Grigorian Sham Rocks The Brown crew burns the floor The band at Sham Rocks Oh, Danny Boy... Jaime tries her hand at step dancing Mr. Donnelly, of some fame

Finnegan's Wake

14 March, 2008
Finnegan's Wake Finnegan's Wake Finnegan's Wake Finnegan's Wake

Ben & Jerry's

19 February, 2008
A force to be reckoned with Some adoring fans Some more Arie, our self-proclaimed groupie A fine demonstration of complementaries I mean, really.

Banished Fools' Parade

31 December, 2007
Mike, pre-glamification Getting ready Mike, half-dressed All spiffied up Damn fool Mike Ben Fool Casey, mad fool Emma, fooled again Darth Zadoc The Webbmaster What up, fool? Banished Fools on parade Fools at PPAC Fools bring it home Readmitted fools

Festival of Trees

R.I. Convention Center

2 December, 2007
Casey; at the bass and making faces towards the camera Ben and Gretchen the Mandolin Look at the fancy schmancy hat! Playing the bodhran is a very good workout Oh! Snowflakes! Ben singing his little heart out Emma joins in Heeeeeere comes the fiddle! Egad! The hat has a face! Ben's look of concentration Pretty trees! Ben cannot remember the words to Frosty?!

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